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Minggu, 17 November 2013

Parks and green areas of London

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London is a city that offers a variety of parks and gardens to enjoy nature during the holidays. It is an option that really like both tourists and Londoners , as it is very pleasant to stroll through a park or enjoy some quiet time in one of the many gardens in this great city.

Hampstead Heath Hampstead can find a lovely place which is right at the top of a large hill and is one of the places where tourists always visit while on vacation, as it is a place to put their best photographs throughout the day and especially a picture of the sunset in this place so interesting.

In this natural area can be seen for example Kenwood House, a place of great interest where culture lovers have the opportunity to see the best works of great artists such as Vermeer , Rembrandt , among others. In this way we can combine a cultural visit with a stay in nature.

In this place near London we can also stop and enjoy a coffee or tea at Brewhouse or Steward 's Room, two locations where you can eat traditional products to refuel while traveling throughout the day. I certainly enjoy nature in London is a matter of taste and Hamspstead House is one of the attractions for all tourists .